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Terms of Service


We are a Travel Agency providing travel services (Airline Tickets, Hotels, Transfers, Activities, Travel Insurances, Visas) for companies and individuals, worldwide. Please read carefully the terms and conditions below. 


a). The ticket and the services included cannot be canceled. If for any reason, you wish to cancel or modify your ticket, please contact our agency on the day of ticket issuance.

b). Your ability to cancel or modify an airline ticket or a travel service depends directly on the rules of the respective airline's fares. Therefore, it may not be possible to cancel or modify products or services, or there may be specific requirements you must meet.

c). In cases where for personal reasons you cannot undertake your trip, you may be entitled to a partial refund of the amount charged at the time of purchase: Most airlines partially refund taxes, fees, and charges (TFC) imposed on passengers, only if the ticket is not used. Other taxes cannot be refunded unless you have purchased a flexible fare ticket. Our agency will release the amount you are entitled to, except for our agency’s service charge.

In the event of your flight being canceled due to the airline's liability, you are entitled to a refund excluding our standard service charges.

d). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of your return to the country of origin.

e). Your first and last name on the ticket should be exactly as specified in your respective travel document (passport or ID). If you notice a mistake or an inaccuracy, please contact our office the same day you received your ticket.

f). If you wish us to perform check-in for your upcoming trip, please inform us the same day that your ticket was issued. Under normal circumstances, travelers are responsible for completing and obtaining their boarding pass (online check-in) and adding any personalized services such as seats, meals and others.


g). Receipts and invoices are issued on the day the requested services are provided. If you wish to receive them electronically, please let us know in advance.


a). Under normal circumstances, hotel reservations, transfers and activities cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. Of course, this does not apply to reservations that were booked with a free cancellation option, usually at a higher price. 

b). If you would like to cancel a non-refundable service, contact our agency as soon as possible. We will do our best to serve your request and even go beyond strict rules and policies (imposed by airlines and suppliers), when possible.


a). We undertake the process of issuing travel VISAs for all countries worldwide. If you wish us to handle the process on your behalf, you agree to the terms and privacy policy stated on our website.

b). Your application will be filled out based on the information you have entered in the corresponding forms on our website or in a printed format, upon your request. We do not bear any responsibility if the information you provided is incorrect or invalid, and as a result, your application is rejected. Additionally, every competent VISA issuing service has the right to reject your application for various reasons that we may not be aware of. In such a case, we are not responsible for the outcome of your application.

c). In the event of rejection of your application for any reason, a refund cannot be processed. This policy is followed by all competent VISA issuing services. Both the payment and the fee are final and non-refundable by the Visa Centers or Electronic Application Platforms.

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